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Heartburn Remedies I can hear DD (dear daughter) mis-swallow at times. ... Our lo is 19mos and still has severe gerd, aspiration, and feeding problems. Reply.

Loss Of Appetite And Acid Reflux Symptoms For A Few Days
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I have had lots of acid reflux and regurgitation that has become worse lately. I eat lightly in the evening and always stay up at least 4 hours after a meal.

I only had a tiny bit when I awoke this morning and so waited to eat again thinking the food caused the problem. It is now lunch time and I still haven''s essential not to skip breakfast, because an empty stomach is sensitive when it has no food to properly absorb your stomach acid.

Yup, I''t contain stomach acid triggers. Avoid citrus juices.
Breads are a great choice because they are filling and absorbent.
Drink plenty between bites to allow your stomach to properly break down the food.

Aha, I read that it is better NOT to drink during meals except a sip or two. I used to drink lots during a meal. Now that I think about it, they said that because it would dilute the digestive juices. Guess I need mine diluted!
I am also trying to cut out bread as I thought that the gluten was causing the problems with acid and bloating. Hmmm

I also looked up acid caused by drinking water. I have tons of problems with this and so haven''t be dehydrated!

Here is an article I found on LiveStrong.com.

It explains it in detail and also mentions why it causes more acid if I drink water before bed. Some other No foods are high fat meals and chocolate.

I must admit that when I was trying to follow the Paleo diet I was eating more fat in my diet. So I will reduce that again. I have also noticed feeling bad after eating dark chocolate. : (

Why is eating so difficult?
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    Oh, this is so embarrassing. I just commented on my Own Blog! I forgot my wisdom from a few years ago. Yikes. I thanked myself for a great blog. Well, it was and it is helping me again!

    Wow, I am doing all the exact same things you did and my acid has become much worse. Too many experts, too much conflicting advice. I will go back to drinking with my meals and adding back bread...although I think I am afraid of it now. Trust my body, it was doing things correctly on its own before so many diet plans!
    Thank you for a great blog.
    1319 days ago

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    I too have had troubles with this in the past.
    Sounds like you are doing the right things to help control it. Alcohol ,caffeine and fatty foods can aggravate this.
    Interesting you mention that dark chocolate makes you feel unwell, as per the low-Nickel diet, this type of chocolate is high in Nickel and may be aggravating any skin conditions you have too.
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    That is a very good question and one I am struggling with also. I find that milk with my evening meal helps with the acid. Hope you are finding some relief soon.
    2227 days ago
    I can relate, I have acid reflux and gastroparesis.

    If you haven''t wait, it could be more serious than reflux.
    2228 days ago
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